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Everyone is killing it on Moon Knight! Except for Moon Knight, but that’s because the dudes he’s fighting are already dead. 

I fuckin’ love Moon Knight and have always wanted a movie and to cosplay and …. GAH I LOVE MOON KNIGHT

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Moon Knight #8

I fucking love you Moon Knight.

Moon Knight #8

I fucking love you Moon Knight.

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I am Moon Knight. The bearer of the mantle of Khonshu. Khonshu the justice bringer. I am vengeance.”

Marc Spector / Moon Knight || FC: Joseph Gordon-Levitt || Alignment: Good || Status: OPEN

When Marc Spector left his job at the CIA, he became a soldier for hire. He and professional partner and friend Frenchie Duchamp took a job in Sudan for a man named Raoul Bushman. When Bushman began to massacre droves of innocent Somalians in search for a certain pharaoh’s tomb, Spector took Marlene, daughter of a slain archaeologist, to safety and then challenged Bushman himself. He was mortally wounded during this confrontation and left to die in the desert. He survived long enough to make it into the tomb before collapsing, Marlene and the other survivors moving his body beneath the idol of Khonshu, whom his spirit had an encounter with. The Egyptian God offered to save Marc’s life in exchange for his service. An offer that Spector accepted. Now armed with a new purpose in life, he and Duchamp traveled back to New York, idol in tow, and began to develop the costume, equipment and persona of the Moon Knight.

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