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how many twee songs with the lyrics solely comprising of the word “oh” will there be throughout the history of advertising

Don’t forget “La la”s “na na”s and “doot doo”s, as evidenced by Limozeen’s “La la na na doot doo”, from the album “Feed the Childrens”…

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Annual Halloween posting…

Homestar Runner - Malloween

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  • Bubs: That sure doesn't smell like candy...
  • Homestar Runner: The Poopsmith! Did you give me some bum candy?
  • Bubs: *snickers* Heh heh heh... He sure did.

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Because it’s halloween week, I’m gonna watch all the Halloween Homestar toons… because it’s just right and proper to do so…


… just wondering…

Is “Homestar Stuck” a thing?

I mean… Strong Sad is practically Tavros… but what about the rest of the crew?

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